The Value of Art History

Over 70,000 years ago a person had an idea. They picked up a piece of stone and carved on its face a simple geometric pattern. Today this small piece of stone has baffled the world proving that complex thought processes of modern humans could be found far earlier than expected.


What this person did over 70,000 years ago was to see the world in a different way and to manipulate the materials around them accordingly. This is something that we as humans have been doing ever since and today you can’t walk very far without being bombarded with visual information.

Art and design is so intrinsic to how we think and behave that we need people to study it and to unravel the forgotten secrets of part cultures and epochs. This information will only further our understanding of ourselves and how we interact with our world. Without people studying our art and culture we lose so much vital understanding that will help us see the past, the present and the future. Artwork has been an intrinsic part of our cultures for thousands of years.

Today possibly more than ever it strikes at the core of how we live our lives and interact with our world. We are attracted to style, shape, pattern and colour which is used everywhere from the walls of our home; a tube station add and even every websites we visit. Each ‘trend’ that is visible in history is a rich source of information for us to tap into and this is just as important to ‘trends’ you see today. Trend bible, among other organisations have build businesses around trend spotting diving years into the future. Whether this trend is a renaissance Venetian high heeled show, a prehistoric abstract artwork or the latest must have vintage wallpaper they are all deeply significant to understanding ourselves.


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