The Guilty Collector!

I must be an absolute nightmare to live with. I secretly want to be a minimalist, everything ordered and away when actually I love objects. I am not a materialistic person by any means but I do collect things that inspire me and so my studio and bookshelves resemble the aftermath of a storm at the best of times.

I fee guilty seeing the exasperated looks of my partner as a sprint into the kitchen to pull a piece of paper from his hands when he thinks its just rubbish but it has a pattern I want to draw or some aspect I want to think about a little longer.

Our house is neat and tidy, there is order in where things are and I am not embarrassed to invite people round. I just naturally collect things. In my dining room is the scruffiest wooden box and to anyone else it would be junk. It even has glossy white flecks of paint all over it! But this box came from my grandads’ workshop and to me its beautifully fill of life and character.

I think this is why Art History pulled me in. I love the stories that objects and materials can tell us. The things they have witnessed and what they meant to people.

I think for a long while I did eel guilty about this without realising it. This held me back as I tried to tidy away these objects and keep them out of sight. I am trying from now on to just embrace this side of me. Only a week in and I can already feel the creative freedom.

I am a collector and proud and from now on I won’t feel guilty in immersing myself in the things that inspire me… I just might try and keep them in the studio to save my partners sanity!

Just a short one today, but one that’s been very liberating!

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