About Emma

Art Historian, Artist, Curator and Writer

Mock up poster on table in room - 3D illustration

Emma's Story

I have always been fascinated by art. Stories of my childhood from family members often include days when I would sit in the garden mesmorised by paint on paper, or when I covered the house in glitter. I have always been very independent and have been very inquisitive. I have always wanted to try things with my own hands and I think this is what made art so captivating for me. There is always something to learn!

I studied art at collage with a passion that saw me working late into the night and early hours of the morning almost every day for several years. I knew I needed to push on further with my interest and this lead me to study Art History at B.A level and then go on to M.A conducting extensive research into the psychological relationship we all share with art.

I never stopped making art however which only helped to enrich my research further. Today I am a Curator, Practising Artist, Writer and Art Historian and I love it all.

Thank you,